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It's Edwards, Obama, Kucinich in California Dem Council Straw Poll

It's Edwards, Obama, Kucinich in California Dem Council Straw Poll

From Erin Flynn

Here are the results of the presidential straw poll held today in Los Angeles at the California Democratic Council's (CDC) annual convention:

Edwards 41%
Obama 14%
Kucinich 11%
Clinton 8%
Richardson 6%
Biden 0%
Dodd 0%
Gravel 0%
Undecided 20%

For those not familiar with the CDC, membership in the CDC consists of the Democratic clubs throughout the state, County Central Committees, Young Democrat and College Democratic Clubs, as well as a number of ex-officio members.

Ay, but look what just surfaced tonight (August 15th):

Delegates who attended the convention are saying "What straw poll?" It seems only the Edwards people even saw the straw poll. One delegate thinks the straw poll was part of the business they never got to because they ran out of time.

Leave it to the Edwards people to publicize a fraudulent poll. They were probably the only voters and some of them voted for DK.

A big clue that the sample was small or non-existent is that several candidates were at 0%. If it were a real poll with more than a handful of voters, everyone candidate would have gotten something, even if that something were a fraction of a percent.
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