Alice (radiantvega) wrote in youth4kucinich,

Send Me!

Hey y'all,

Let's help John Kerry and John Edwards equal the support of Bush's "investors." Contribute to his campaign today. Any denomination is helpful and will be put to good use.

Your new member
Location: Grifton, NC
Occupation: Student and Hotel Manager

PS. Glad to be a part of the community:) Looking forward to the months ahead!
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Hey there. My name is Mark and I helped with Kucinich's campaign. It's unfortunate he didn't get the nod. His platform is the right one for America and I hope he runs again in 2008. It's best if all of the Kucinich supporters stay connected throughout the years to get the ideas of uni healthcare, peace dept, free education, fair trade, and gay marriage etc.. out to more and more people. And hopefully in 4 years we'll see Kucinich again.

Together we WILL make a difference.